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Musings from ACE President’s Corner



Volunteer ACE President


Rather than take up a big chunk of the Alsea Valley Voice each edition on ACE’s future program planning and development we have reserved this area of the AVV to give the community a short description of ideas, and potential projects we are working on in the back room, so to speak. 


The Board only meets quarterly but in between those meetings we communicate with each other and the rest of the community about unmet needs, and how we can address them as a conduit to bring the community together on projects that positively impact the town of Alsea and the surrounding rural area. Now having said all that here goes!


1. Update on the status of the Alsea Gas Station which is closed due to need to remove underground storage tanks, replace with above ground storage tanks and update the pumping systems for both gas and diesel. Owner Matt Clark has recently received a contractor bid and ACE is helping to do the research on funding through various agencies such as USDA Rural Development, Oregon Business and Benton County, plus others. Lots of leg work and PR are needed with this. In the meantime, make your concerns known to your elected representatives regarding the effect of this closure on emergency/disaster preparedness in addition to the economic impact.


2. Results from the June Edition AVV survey.  We received limited response, but we did receive responses, most of which were happy the printed version was being done again. Several of the comments indicated you wanted to see more articles as they relate to our residents and less about each organization’s ongoing activities. So, we are working on that. Thank you to the readers that donated funds to help with the production of the newspaper. All of that helps with costs of ink, supplies, and postage. 


 3. ACE has a new (in the development stages) website: The contact for ACE from this website is You can click on that and send an email.  Any suggestions on improving the website will be greatly appreciated. We also have a new office phone: 541-487-TOWN (8696.) We will be accepting voice messages for the Alsea Valley Voice, Alsea Emergency Preparedness Council, and the ACE administration. Please indicate which program you are leaving the message for.  We check the messages everyday remotely so we will get back with you as soon as possible.


4. Reaching out to the elders of our community. Many of us are reaching the stage in life where we need to slow down and be more careful about our daily safety, both physically and mentally.  For me the past 12 months has made this increasingly more evident.  In discussion with a few of the Elders of the community perhaps it’s time for the development of an Alsea Elders Committee that could meet, both electronically and physically to evaluate and think about how the ACE could lead in creating a program(s) targeted to Elders.   Let me know what you think by emailing me at


5. Making your voice heard. Now, more than ever, we need to let our community voices be heard. There are ways to do that. Write/call your County(s) elected officials, Community Advisory Committee(s) (CAC) members and other appointed representatives and let them know your thoughts, concerns, etc.  Yes, I know you have heard this all before, but it does work if you keep after it. Start asking questions.  The AVV will be implementing a section in the coming issues for “letters to the editor and/or an op-ed section” to help in the sharing process as well. The AVV will be mailed to those in decision making positions and your input will be read by them.  


In and Around Alsea



Neighborhoods have an important role to play in emergency response. Professional help (e.g. fire, ambulance, sheriff, etc.) may be overwhelmed and unable to reach your neighborhood as quickly as you’d like.

In a disaster, neighbors will turn to each other for help. By making connections and developing local resources, neighborhoods will be in a better position to help themselves in the event of an emergency.

Please contact Randy Hart if you’re interested in some steps your neighborhood might want to take. 541-487-7426




Exciting news! The raffle will be BACK in April 2022! It will be the best raffle EVER, so get ready for some amazing items and for the silent auction. If you would like to donate, please contact an ACE board member or your librarians. Please note that we are unable to accept used items so please reserve those for Goodwill or other resale centers.



We are so excited to be bringing back AVV in paper form. Currently, it will be sent out quarterly. If you would like to receive this more often, we will need more donations. We will also need more content, so if you would like to join us in submitting articles or pieces of interest, please contact the Alsea Library or simply mail your donation to ACE at:

19192 Alsea Highway, Alsea OR 97324


Your support is appreciated!



Alsea Community Blood Drive Alsea School Gym

Tuesday, November 16th 

1-6 PM


Folks, it is up to us to continue the tradition.

The next Alsea Community Blood Drive is Tuesday, November 16th —as usual in the Alsea School Gym from 1-6 P.M. It is by appointment but now computerized so you can go online to choose your best time and make your own appointment using our zip code at


Or, with just a few more steps simple google American Red Cross and follow the leads for making a donation. We hope to see you there!


Alsea Hope Grange will be holding its annual Christmas Bazaar on Saturday, December 5th and we are in the midst of planning it.  We are currently soliciting vendors to fill the grange. 

In the recent past, booths have included baked goods, hand crafted items, watercolor paintings, candles, bath bombs, jewelry, holiday decorations, birdhouses, cutting boards, wooden trucks, clothing, and beauty products.  If you are interested in having a booth or would like more information, please contact Samantha Pedder at or 541-740-1596.


The Alsea Cemetery Maintenance District Board would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU! to the great Alsea High Kids and supervisor who worked so hard and made our cemetery look so good for Memorial Day in May. You are amazing!



Alsea Rural Fire Department had an exciting July 4th afternoon. A car with two young people took a ride down highway 34 and decided to set off some fireworks. They also started a grass fire that soon crossed the highway and started running up the hill.


Lucky for us that it was spotted and called in to 911. ARFD was quickly on scene with a command vehicle, a wildland engine, a fire engine and an ambulance. It was a very hot day and our crew worked very hard to circle the fire by cutting a path for firefighters carrying hose and hose-packs up the steep hill to get water on the fire.


Several firefighters climbed the steep hill multiple times with more hoses. ARFD received help from Oregon State Forestry and Central Coast Fire Department helping to make sure that this carelessness did not turn into a disaster. Thank you to all who were there that day.


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