Website to Report Our

COVID-Like Symptoms


Early detection and early response are key to preventing the spread of any disease. The website, FLU NEAR YOU, believes that letting individuals report symptoms in real-time can complement traditional tracking, while providing useful infor-mation directly to the public.

      It is a very simple and worthy concept that allows visitors to report their symptoms which allows others in your area to track how a virus may be spreading. The site is currently checking for COVID-19 reports and, like the other flus that it tracks, for COVID it will likely work in a similar fashion.




As the site is being enhanced to also collect the COVID-19 info, all a user needs to do is take a few moments to report how they have been feeling, as well as designate the area where he or she lives. It is free, and it is anonymous.

     Thousands of people report across the country also contribute weekly. Reports are collected and mapped so that you know when the flu is around.